2021:  Aristotle Jones

           The Talk (Single) 


In 2021 Aristotle Jones teamed up with Go 1st Records for the single "The Talk".  In Black households across America families give"The Talk" to their children to advise them on how to survive an encounter with the police, in his song "The Talk"  Jones tells the story of the talk his father gave him and then proceeds to begin a conversation with the listener about equal rights and fair treatment in America.  "The Talk" can be found on The Go 1st Records Mixtape Vol. 1 available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital streaming platforms


2021:  Aristotle Jones

           "Appalachian Soul Man"


Appalachian Soul Man is a collection of songs that reflects the soulful side of Americana and Blues in Appalachia. Jones expanded on his experiences as a  West Virginia native to craft several songs that offers a unique perspective.  The 7 songs on Appalachian Soul Man, include vibrant, horns, piano, guitar and vocals and tracks a journey of a man determined to climb to the top of the mountain "moving forward with held held high" and discovering the true destination is in the journey and those who we share the journey with. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby, and other digital streaming platforms

Aristotle jones album art old 5.jpg

West Virginia Hills is a modern interpretation of the traditional beloved song celebrating the majestic state of West Virginia and marking his journey through the diverse roads of contemporary Folk, Soul and Americana in Appalachia. Jones’ rendition of West Virginia Hills is anchored by his bold and passionate delivery, and has an immersive feel with backing vocals reminiscent of doo wop and early rock n roll.    West Virginia Hills is his first release as a solo artist, and a creative turning point for Aristotle, as he dives deeper into his Appalachian roots coining this new sound as Appalachian soul.

2019:  Aristotle Jones

           West Virginia Hills (Single) 


The Digital Nomads How To Start A Fire A

2018:   The Digital Nomads

            "How to Start a Fire"

The Digital Nomads full length album "How to Start a Fire".  Drawing from the influences of artist like Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, and Prince as well as many others "How to Start a Fire" features 9 original tracks  with funky call and response grooves like "Dig Down", retro smooth crooning hits like "Slow Game" and R&B rooted tracks like "Perfect Plan". This album is a complete thought on how to transform and purify raw emotion, and harness the power of inner strength, All while grooving out to some intricate rhythms, harmonies, and jams.  Available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby, and other digital streaming platforms