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"Appalachian Soul Man" -  Aristotle Jones - EPK


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Aristotle Jones (Appalachian Soul Man)

Current City: Morgantown, WV

Hometown: Huntington, WV 

Genre:  Soul, R&B, Doo-Wop, Gospel, Funk, Folk'

Sounds Like: Almost Heaven

Who is the Appalachian Soul Man:

Appalachian Soul Man, Aristotle Jones, has become a fan favorite in the Central Appalachia, Mid Atlantic Region and beyond. 

"When you see Aristotle Jones on stage, during either his intimate acoustic storyteller sets or during his electrifying sets with his Amazing Appalachian Soul band there is only one word that can accurate describe his energy.... CAPTIVATING! " 

Jason Young

- Program Director -

Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center


Jones' Unique Sound:

Influenced by rural soundscapes and the music of Rock n Roll Legend Johnny Johnson and Soul and R&B Legend Bill Withers (both West Virginia natives) Aristotle combines the folksy elements of growing up in Appalachia, with the soulful storytelling, and funky pocket of Black American Music. 


Coining the sound "Appalachian Soul", Jones carries on the tradition of making soulful high energy folk music making that  was found in juke joints that formed network of Black boom towns, venues and and churches throughout the American South, and Appalachian Region in the 20th Century.


It is in this spirit that the Appalachian Soul Man pushes that narrative forward into the 21st Century and by mixing in contemporary sonics to create a Modern Throwback sound. 

Authenticity Meets Originality:

What makes Aristotle's music and live performances so specials is his connection to the region and history. Aristotle leans into the genre blending and his repertoire combines elements of Soul, Folk, Jazz and Blues that were staples of the "Chit'lin Circuit"... with the Bluegrass, Folk, and Gospel music that was also found in big doses in coal camps in Appalachia.


The Original material, selected covers, and reimagined folk songs performed throughout Jones's  show  give the audiences a  glimpse into an under represented American genre from a first hand account.  


"Not only was the audience groovin' out the great music but they loved the entertaining anecdotes about life growing up in rural Appalachia, and spending time on his Granddad's (Robert Jones) Farm"

- Bill Fraley

Talent Buyer - WV Pubfest

A central theme of Aristotle's music and community projects is shedding light on the contribution to art in culture provided by Black Americans living in the Appalachian Mountains. He is the descendant of coal miners, and farmers who against all odds made a life in the poor coal town of Osage, West Virginia.  

Jones' music reflects the values of courage, fortitude and determination that were taught to him while porch picking with his grandfather, a regional Gospel and Soul singer who traveled to segregated coal camps performing for black coal miners in the mid 20th Century, and Aristotle is proud to carry on the legacy of Soulful Folk music inspired by Doo Wop, Gospel and Blues in Appalachia.


You can find music from Aristotle Jones on Apple Music, Spotify, CD Baby, as well as other major platforms and at



  • Haley Reinhart

  • Bernie Worrell

  • Don McClean

  • GA-20

  • Dumpstafunk

  • The Bridge

  • Chris Jacobs

  • Keller Williams

  • The Davisson Brothers Band

  • Old Dominion

  • Theo Katzman (Vulfpeck)

  • Freekbass

  • Melvin Sparks

  • The Main Squeeze 

  • Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds





  • Clay Center -  Charleston, WV (2023)

  • Picklesburg - Pittsburgh Pirates Stage (2022)

  • Sounds Good Festival (2022)

  • Mayor's Concert Festival (2022)

  • Opening Act for Don McClean (2022)

  • WV Pubfest (2022)

  • Bill Withers Memorial Festival (2022)

  • Tamarack Summerfest (2022)

  • Groovin' With the Groove 4 (2021)

  • WVHHOMA Juneteenth WVPB Television Broadcast (2021)

  • Sounds Good Festival, Palatine Park 2021

  • Wild, Wonderful Country Fest (2019)

  • Rich's Fright Farm Main Stage (2015-2021)

  • Morgantown Marathon (2016 -2018)

  • Monongalia County Fair (2015)

  • Frontier Days Festival (2016-2018)

  • Johnstown Blues Festival (2018)

  • Showdown Flowdown (2019)

  • Lazy Ass Spring Thing (2021)



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