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Appalachian Soul Man Aristotle Jones Releases Instant Classic with

‘West Virginia Hills’


Aristotle Jones is very pleased to announce his new single West Virginia Hills is available for digital download and streaming on all major platforms



West Virginia Hills is a modern interpretation of the traditional beloved song celebrating the majestic state of West Virginia and marking his journey through the diverse roads of contemporary Folk, Soul and Americana in Appalachia. Jones’ rendition of West Virginia Hills is anchored by his bold and passionate delivery, and has an immersive feel with backing vocals reminiscent of Doo-Wop and early Rock n' Roll.    West Virginia Hills shows cohesion of popular styles that can only be achieved through virtuosity.

Huntington, WV native, Aristotle Jones have been performing regionally for close to 15 years, as the member for various bands, and performing groups. Most recently as the lead singer of The Digital Nomads who released their full length album “How to Start a Fire” in 2018.    West Virginia Hills is his first release as a solo artist, and a creative turning point for Aristotle, as he dives deeper into his Appalachian roots coining this new sound as Appalachian soul. To quote Jones:

“Appalachian Soul is music that reflects of the courage, strength and fortitude that are the common threads connecting the people of our region”

West Virginia Hills features Aristotle Jones on Lead Vocals and Guitar backed by bassist Cody Barcroft, drummer David Haley, keyboardist  Xavier Williams, and lead guitarist Jason Good - It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Tommy Bailey’s studio, Riot City Studios in Morgantown, West Virginia.


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Connection, Passion, Soul... Aristotle Jones arrives at every performance ready to deliver his signature positive message as an ambassador for modern Appalachian Music, Culture and Experience. 

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Every day brings new opportunities to connect. Whether we met at a live performance, you stumbled across my music on YouTube or social media, or a friend suggested you take a listen, please know I appreciate your support, and my ears and mind are open if you want to share thoughts, feelings, or experiences my music and art has inspired.  I look forward to hearing from you all... and remember : 


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-Aristotle Jones

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